You will need to bring whatever you want to eat or drink including some water. We usually have some drinks and snacks on board but that depends on how hungry and thirsty the previous group was.  We provide built in coolers and ice, so plan on leaving your coolers in your vehicle. Bring all of your food and drinks in bags if possible. We recommend that you bring sunblock, hat, polarized sunglasses and boat shoes or sandals.

Even in the heat of the moment, we are committed to taking pictures of your trophy catch. Don’t hesitate to ask one of our mate’s or captain’s for a photo at any time. We are associated with various taxidermists including Gray Taxidermy and Atlantic Taxidermy; two of the largest marine taxidermy companies based here in Florida. We can take exact measurements of your fish for a replica release mount.

The advantages of a release mount are that:

  1. The fish lives
  2. Superior details compared to old school skin mounts
  3. Outstanding durability

If you’re interested in a mount, be sure to ask your Captain or crew and they’ll take care of the rest – just be sure to mention it before a fish is released so we can take appropriate measurements!  Our crew members proudly own several  mounts including the 653 lb Blue Marlin that Ray caught in 1988!

A tip is greatly appreciated. A normal tip is just like wait staff in a restaurant,15 – 20 % of the trip cost, based on the quality of your experience. Please remember when determining a tip amount to judge mostly the effort put forth by the crew. One of the things I stress with my crew is a solid effort. The tip can be added to the charter fee and will be paid in full to the crew. You also can give the tip directly to the captain at the end of the charter. He splits the tip with the crew, giving the majority to the mates.

All legal sized, edible fish are yours to keep. The crew will clean as many of the fish as time allows at no additional charge beyond the amount that you tip them. Sometimes, for instance, if we have two half day trips back to back they are obligated to stay on schedule for the next trip. If you have a lot of fish that you want cleaned, it might be wise to come in a few minutes early to allow the crew ample time to clean enough for you. The crew does not expect, but appreciates any extra fish to take home for their family and friends if there is enough to go around.

Another great feature of our location is being backed up to Monty’s Restaurant. They have agreed to cook your fresh catch for a $7 charge, you add the side dishes. The only thing they require is that you sign a release form since we are providing the product to cook. Many people take advantage of this after their day on the water. There’s nothing like eating the fish you caught the same day you caught it!

Miami’s geography offers some shelter from most winds but there will be some days that are just too rough to be comfortable or target the fish that you are after. In that case a full refund will be given, but weather calls are ultimately made by Ray or the captain.

All three boats are fully equipped with all required safety gear and our crews are extremely qualified to handle the conditions that we normally encounter. All boats are equipped with EPIRB devices.

You are welcome to bring your own but I do have Penn Fishing Tackle gear from 12 lb test to 80 lb test in both spin and conventional tackle.

A half day is 4 hours, a 3/4 day is 6 hours, a full day is 8 hours, and the Iron Man is 12 hours. Additionally, the time of departure can be changed to fit your schedule or may be extended to the next time slot (if available).

We usually have some on board but it’s always a good idea to be prepared with your own.

We gladly fish anglers of all ages and experience levels. We specialize in teaching inexperienced anglers and involving as many of the anglers in deploying baits, handling the rods and many other parts of our day of fishing. We welcome, women, children, and first time anglers.

We are licensed for 6 passengers on each boat and will take 6 even on the smaller boats. 5 passengers is a more comfortable fit for the Miss Britt 1, and 4 passengers for the Miss Cheyenne.  Certain types of fishing are more forgiving than others. Talk to us about it.

Yes…It’s your charter – I just ask that you drink responsibly. In the event that someone overindulges, we reserve the right to take you back to the dock but the charter fee will be due in full. This is for their safety and the safety of others on the boat. I cannot recall ever having to do that but I’m just putting it in here to keep you guys on your best behavior.

I provide the dead bait, chum and the fishing licenses for everyone on board. We typically catch our own live bait on the way out. It usually takes about a half hour to do this and gives everyone who participates a little orientation to the tackle and is generally a fun part of the trip. We can also make arrangements to order live bait to eliminate the need to catch our own. That would usually cost between $50 and $200 depending on what type of bait we need and its availability.

Remember, we value you as a customer and want you to have every reason to fish with us in the future and recommend us to others. If the trip is canceled by the captain (weather, mechanical, sickness) you will receive your money back. Again, we are concerned about your safety AND enjoyment so we will look at several sources of weather reports and predictions before making that decision, but ultimately, only the captain makes the call on cancelling for bad weather. If you cancel more than 3 days prior to the trip, you will receive a full refund.

Please understand that he is aware of factors that many don’t consider like wind direction in relation to landmass as well as water current velocity and direction in relation to the wind direction. Where we are fishing, these factors greatly affect sea conditions.

We prefer checks or cash. We do accept credit cards but charge a service fee of 4%. We are happy to provide an invoice for the trip either before or after the trip. If you need an invoice or a receipt please ask for that when you book the trip so we can email it to you asap.

First, call, email or check our online calendar to make sure the day is available. Second, either book online or call us with credit card number to hold the day. If you want to use a check to pay for your deposit, you must speak with us over the phone, and the check must be delivered within 5 business days. Please, contact us one to two days before your trip if we haven’t yet touched base with you to discuss weather conditions, types of fishing available, and other details.

We are located at Monty’s Marina / Bayshore Landing in Coconut Grove (South Miami). Our address at the marina is 2550 South Bayshore Drive / Miami, Fl. / 33133. We are located in slips 301 and 302 which are the first two slips in front of the outdoor bar and restaurant. Call our number 305-596-0419 if you need a mailing address to send a check.

When it comes to parking, use the lot on the right side as you drive in, take the ticket, bring that ticket to the boat and we will validate it at no cost to you.

The listed prices reflect the rates for the boat with up to 6 passengers.  It is the same price for one guest or 6 guests.  The listed price does not include tip for the captain and crew.