6 hours

3/4 Day Fishing Charter (Miss Cheyenne)

Three quarter day is usually a six hour trip. This is usually enough time to catch dolphin if they are not too far offshore in the summertime. A three-quarter day is a very good alternative to a day trip in the fall, winter and spring when fishing for sailfish king fish etc. The extra 2 hours does not sound like much but makes a big difference when we are trying to find the best areas along the reef to catch these species.

In the month of April May and June we have many people who are interested in fishing the late afternoon three-quarter from 12 or 1 o’clock to nearly dark. During these three months we have many late afternoons that are fantastic for black fin tuna in the 20 to 30 pound range kingfish and sailfish. All of that and enjoy the beautiful sunset on the way in!


Miss Cheyenne
Miss Britt I
Miss Britt II

*Reef prices refer to near coastal fishing (within 5 miles of shore). This can include sail fish, snapper, grouper, and many other species.
*Offshore prices refer to far offshore fishing for Mahi and Marlin. This price covers our extra fuel costs.

3/4 Day Fishing Charters