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Deep Drop Fishing

Deep Drop Fishing Charters



Miss Cheyenne
Miss Britt I
Miss Britt II
1/2 Day Fishing Charter (Miss Cheyenne)1/2 Day Fishing Charter (Miss Britt I)1/2 Day Fishing Charter (Miss Brit II)

Deep Dropping is one of the most productive fishing techniques we utilize during the summer months in Miami, FL to consistently put more fishing in the boat. Deep drop fishing requires the use of heavy weights and heavy, specialized rigs with multiple hooks to present dead baits in depths of 400ft to 800ft. Electric reels are commonly used, but some anglers choose to hand crank deep drop rigs. Deep drop fishing off the coast of Miami, FL can produce golden tile fish, yellow eye, rose snappers, queen snappers, and even deep water species of groupers. If you’re looking to bring home a cooler full of fish, this is definitely one of the best charters you can take.

The Miss Britt Sportfishing fleet specializes in deep drop fishing off the coast of Miami, FL. Capt. Ray Rosher produces his own specialized rigs designed specifically to maximize the chance of a multiple fish catch on one rig. Deep drop rigs are made using heavy monofilament, a series of crimps, swivels, and circle hooks to ensure that deep water species don’t live to fight another day. While it takes some patience and perseverance to find the bite in deep water, this style of fishing can produce large quantities of fish for the dinner table. Most deep water species of fish are sustainable and taste delicious, but we always implore our anglers to take only what they will eat and nothing more.

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