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Grouper & Snapper Fishing Charters



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The coral reefs and rock ledges which span the coast of Miami, FL all the way down to the keys provides some of the best snapper and grouper fishing in the state of Florida. Species such as black grouper, gag grouper, and red grouper thrive in the coral shoals, deep water wrecks, and sandy edged coral reefs off the coast of Miami, FL – providing some of the best bottom fishing on the east coast. The reefs also provide shelter for an abundance of snappers such as mangrove’s, mutton’s, and yellowtail – some of the best table fare you could put in a cooler. Snapper and grouper fishing off the coast of Miami, FL is a year round endeavor, but is often better at certain times of the year. Spring and summer months are typically the best for grouper and snapper, but the weather conditions, currents, and moon cycle also plays a major role in how actively reef species feed.

Bottom fishing is extremely popular in Miami, FL due to the abundance of snappers and groupers in proximity to the coast line. Our fleet may use live bait, dead bait, or chum to “fire up” the bottom fish depending on the area we are fishing. The key to bottom fishing in Miami, Fl is knowing where to go based on the conditions. Fishing in the right place at the wrong time of year can be disastrous, which is why having experience is key to putting anglers on fish. The Miss Britt Sportfishing fleet is dialed into the bottom bite year round. We have the skill and experience to target snappers year round, and know where the groupers hide when the season opens. If your’e looking for a family fun fishing charter which is great for kids and new anglers, be sure to ask about our snapper fishing charters!

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