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Kite fishing originated in the Polynesian islands in the 1800’s. The kites made their way to the United States through California. The first captain that I work for was Bob Lewis. He patented the first modern fishing kite. Bob never fish two kites, that process was originated by John Dudas Sr. He taught us in the early eighty’s how to add lead split shots to the kites so that they would angle away from each other. This allowed us to expand the coverage area on the water for our baits.

Kite fishing has been so effective in my career that I have seen kites banned from 3 different tournaments over a 35 year span ultimately because the kite fisherman dominated all other techniques in those tournaments. Non Kite fishermen lobbied to ban them and succeeded.
The beauty of kite fishing is that it presents your baits in a huge footprint on the water allowing you to see most of the bites at the surface. All you need is some wind and hardworking, patient team.

Kite fishing is more work than other techniques but definitely is worth the effort the kite simply suspends your fishing line through 3 or 4 release clips on each kite-line. If you can visualize 6 to 8 baits covering a huge area behind your boat you can understand how effective it can be.

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