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Sailfish Fishing Charters



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Miami, FL is synonymous with fishing for sailfish. Regarded as the fastest fish in the sea, sailfish provide the ultimate sport fishing experience for resident and visiting anglers. Sailfish are incredibly acrobatic predators which are thrilling to catch, delighting anglers with aerial displays unrivaled by any other species. There is simply nothing more exciting than watching a sailfish “tail walk” behind the boat shortly after being hooked.

Catching sailfish in Miami, FL is not easy. It requires the use of specialized equipment in the hands of a skilled crew to ensure baits are presented effectively and hooks are properly set.

Despite their forceful and intense reaction to being hooked, sailfish are actually shy and cautious when approaching baits (for the most part). They feed carefully and are actually clumsy at times, batting at baits with their bills after swimming in circles to confuse their prey. They are generally timid creatures, well aware of their surroundings due to exceptional eye sight and a well defined lateral line that enables them to “feel” what’s happening in the water around them. Sailfish are covered in chromataphors, which illuminate in neon displays of purple and blue color during periods of excitement or aggression – this is often referred to as being “lit up”, which you may hear a crew member declare when a sailfish is approaching the bait.

Kite fishing is the most common technique used to catch sailfish in Miami, FL. Kite fish requires the use of specialized tackle and a complex rigging system in order to present live baits at the surface, in a manner which is controllable by the crew. Two large fabric kites are flown behind the boat, attached by a super-strong braided line. Splices of wax thread are utilized to suspend special release clips at various distances along the kite line, in order to position baits at specific distances behind the boat. Kite fishing is a highly technical skill set which was specially developed for sailfishing in Miami, FL. It is a one of a kind experience which puts the angler in direct contact with the fish as they feed. The Miss Britt Sportfishing fleet was instrumental in the development of kite fishing equipment and technique over the last three decades. So rest assured if you’re looking to kite fish for sailfish in Miami, FL – you’ve found the best crew for the job.

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