Swordfish Fishing Charters


Swordfish Fishing Charters


Swordfishing Charters (Miss Cheyenne)

Known as the “gladiator of the sea”, the BroadBill Swordfish is the most powerful and ferocious bill fish in Miami waters. These leviathans can grow upwards of 500lbs and live in extreme depths of 1200ft to 2000ft. Catching a Broad Bill swordfish, for many, is considered the pinnacle of sportfishing accomplishments. Legendary fisherman like Zane Grey and Ernest Hemingway often cited the swordfish as the ocean’s most fierce predator – based on its insatiable appetite and lethal bill which serves as a weapon for injuring it’s prey before consumption.

Swordfishing is a popular deep sea fishing experience in Miami, FL which typically takes place at night. When the sun goes down, these deep water predators ascend thousands of feet to feed near the surface – hunting squid and small bait fish which bask in the moonlight. Swordfish have enormous eyes which are suited for excellent vision in low light environments – often focusing on bioluminescence as a signal of a fitting meal. During night time swordfishing trips, several baits are deployed from the boat via “buoys” which suspend squids and live baits at various depths. At night time, swordfish will feed anywhere from 600ft to 15ft below the surface, which requires anglers to deploy a “spread” of baits at staggered depths in order to intercept a broad bill during their hunt for food. Heavy tackle is required to catch broad bill swordfish. 250lb leaders attached to 80lb main line is common.

In the last decade, a striking discovery was made off the coast of the Florida Keys. Swordfish, which were predominantly targeted during the night time close to the surfce, were found to live and feed on the bottom during the day. Through specialized tackle and rigging, it was proven that swordfish could be hooked and caught during the daytime. This changed everything. Today, day time swordfishing has become extremely popular in Miami, FL. Heavy duty electric reels fitted with 100lb braided line and 300lb monofilament leaders are utilized to position baits between 1600ft and 2000ft of water around structure using 15lbs of weight. While not as sporting as fighting swordfish on stand up tackle, swordfish up to 600lbs have been caught off Miami, FL using electric reels.

If your intention is to catch one of the fiercest, toughest, and best eating fish in the ocean – then a miami swordfish charter is the right choice for you. The Miss Britt Sportfishing fleet has extensive experience catching swordfish at night time, and during the day, off the coast of Miami, FL. Our skilled crew has the tackle, experience, and discipline to put you on the fish and most importantly, to bring the fish in the boat!

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