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Known for blistering runs, unparalleled power, and vicious teeth, Wahoo are one of the fiercest predators in the Atlantic ocean. As an apex predator, Wahoo do not have any natural predators. While sharks are known to consume them while they are hooked, the wahoo can outrun and out maneuver just about any predator in their vicinity. Wahoo are eating machines, consuming small fish daily in order to maintain their hyperactive metabolism.

Trolling for wahoo off the coast of Miami, FL can be a tedious task, but it often results in some of the fiercest fish fights in our waters. Wahoo are the meanest, toughest, and most aggressive species in the mackerel family and their numbers are thriving. There are currently no size limits on wahoo’s in Atlantic waters, but there is a limit of two wahoos per angler on board a vessel.

Wahoo are typically caught while trolling specialized lures at “high speeds” of 12knts to 16knts. Wahoo trolling requires the use of long “shock” leaders, heavy in-line leads, and premium quality ball bearing swivels to withstand the intensity of the bite. Wahoo are known for their fierce bites and razor sharp teeth which can saw through just about any material over time – it’s for this reason that anglers who troll for wahoo use heavy wire to rig their lures, as it’s the only material which can stand up to the rows of merciless teeth which span their mouths. Wahoo’s are also one of the fastest fish in the sea, with the ability to swim in excess of 30knts! When trolling for wahoo, anglers use heavy tackle, typically 80lb braided line looped to a wind on leader. The leader is then connected via a snap swivel to the shock leader, which is then crimped to the wire leader on which the bait is rigged.

While wahoo can be occasionally caught on mono leaders or while kite fishing, it is far more responsible to target them using wire leaders. Wahoo patrol the coast lines of Miami, FL in search of food, but will occasionally hold on wrecks or reef lines depending on the current. They can also be found hanging around floating structure in deep water – often circling debris and picking off baitfish which cling to flotsam for protection.

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