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While Miami, FL is famous for it’s offshore fishing scene, one of the reason’s the bite is so good year round is the abundance of ship wrecks just off the coast. Over 50 ship wrecks lay off the coast of Miami Beach and Key Biscayne, FL – providing structure and shelter to countless species of fish. These shipwrecks are important sanctuaries for bait fish, which in turn attracts larger species which hold on the wrecks to feed and spawn. One area in particular, known as “the county wrecks”, is a field of three dozen ship wrecks which were intentionally sunk by Miami-Dade county in an effort to improve sportfishing. These wrecks are all within several hundred yards of each other, providing sport fishermen (and sport divers) with an incredible fishery.

The ship wrecks are home to some of the most powerful predators in our waters, including amberjacks, cubera snappers, mutton snappers groupers, cobia, and kingfish. Many of the shipwrecks are upwright, providing incredible super structure in the water column which attracts sailfish, wahoo, and a variety of sharks. Many of these wrecks have been sitting on the sea floor for more than 50 years, which means entire ecosystems have formed around them. Famous wrecks, such as the Ultra Freeze, the Augie Ferigno, and the Pioneer provide year round sportfishing which can be enjoyed at any time of day.

When fishing ship wrecks, our crew positions the boat directly up current up the structure and drops live baits down using heavy weight. We also utilize vertical jigging techniques to trigger reaction strikes, which are fast, furious, and incredibly powerful. Live baiting around ship wrecks can produce incredibly large specimens, as the structure provides shelter for resident fish which thrive on the abundance of food that lives inside and just outside of the wreck. If you’re looking to experience a unique fishing charter in Miami, FL, be sure to ask about our wreck fishing trips – after all, it’s one of the many treasures which makes fishing in Miami, FL so productive.

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