8-12 hours

Sailfish and tarpon are two of the most sought after sportfish species in South Florida.  The power and aerial acrobatic displays of both these fish make for a challenging fight that you won’t soon forget.  A typical sailfish/tarpon combo charter lasts between 8-12 hours.  The tarpon fishing is done nearshore, typically in one of the passes, namely in Government Cut.  They can also be targeted under bridges and just off the beach.  The lowlight conditions of sunrise and sunset are the predominant feeding times for these fish, and thus the best time to target them.  Additionally, the tide stages in the passes plays another crucial factor in when and where to target tarpon.  Typically tarpon will look to feed on bait that flows out of the pass during the ebb or outgoing tides.  On the other hand, sailfish will bite during all hours of the day, and tides are not nearly as significant when compared to the tarpon. We consider these factors to schedule custom trip times that will increase the odds of catching both species.  Please contact us for further discussion prior to scheduling.



Miss Cheyenne
Miss Britt I
Miss Britt II
8 hour12 hour

Reef prices refer to near coastal fishing (within 5 miles of shore). This can include sail fish, snapper, grouper, and many other species.
Offshore prices refer to far offshore fishing for Mahi and Marlin. This price covers our extra fuel costs. 

Tarpon Fishing Charters