Full Day Fishing Charters

12 Hour Extended "Iron Man" Charter

12 Hour Extended Day Charter (Miss Cheyenne) in Miami The 12 hour Extended "Iron Man" Charter is the longest and most comprehensive charter we offer.  There are no limitations to what species we can target.  If you're looking to get the full fishing experience that Miami has to offer, this then is the charter for you. Mahi, marlin, swordfish, sailfish, snapper, grouper, wahoo, mackerel, and tarpon; they're all going to be targeted on this trip.  The 12 hour trip allows enough time to make a significant effort to target all of these species, and the freedom to change locations in order to find them.  No expense will be spared to employ the wide variety of fishing tactics that is necessary for each of these different species. RATES ***PRICES ARE PER BOAT, NOT PER PERSON*** Deposit Required: $150 Boat Excluding Swordfishing Including Swordfishing Miss Cheyenne $1300 $1500 Miss Britt I $1550
12 hours
Tarpon Fishing Charters

Sailfish and Tarpon Combo

Sailfish and tarpon are two of the most sought after sportfish species in South Florida.  The power and aerial acrobatic displays of both these fish make for a challenging fight that you won't soon forget.  A typical sailfish/tarpon combo charter lasts between 8-12 hours.  The tarpon fishing is done nearshore, typically in one of the passes, namely in Government Cut.  They can also be targeted under bridges and just off the beach.  The lowlight conditions of sunrise and sunset are the predominant feeding times for these fish, and thus the best time to target them.  Additionally, the tide stages in the passes plays another crucial factor in when and where to target tarpon.  Typically tarpon will look to feed on bait that flows out of the pass during the ebb or outgoing tides.  On the other hand, sailfish will bite during all hours of the day, and tides are not
8-12 hours
1/2 Day Fishing Charters

1/2 Day Fishing Charters

Half Day Fishing Charter in Miami Half day charters are typically 4 hours long and are perfect when fishing youngsters, people who are new to the sport, or those with busy schedules. The beauty of fishing off of South Florida's coast is that the reef is typically three miles or less from the beach. We will always give you an honest opinion on whether half day charters will give you enough time to catch what you are after. Typically summertime is the one time of the year that half days are very difficult to produce fish. This is primarily because of the distance offshore that you have to travel to find dolphin or mahi. The one exception to this is, in the summertime we can target yellowtail snappers or vermillion snappers in slightly deeper water on a half day trip. RATES ***PRICES ARE PER BOAT, NOT PER PERSON*** Deposit Required:
4 hours
3/4 Day Fishing Charters

3/4 Day Fishing Charters

3/4 Day Fishing Charter (Miss Cheyenne) Three quarter day is usually a six hour trip. This is usually enough time to catch dolphin if they are not too far offshore in the summertime. A three-quarter day is a very good alternative to a day trip in the fall, winter and spring when fishing for sailfish king fish etc. The extra 2 hours does not sound like much but makes a big difference when we are trying to find the best areas along the reef to catch these species. In the month of April May and June we have many people who are interested in fishing the late afternoon three-quarter from 12 or 1 o'clock to nearly dark. During these three months we have many late afternoons that are fantastic for black fin tuna in the 20 to 30 pound range kingfish and sailfish. All of that and enjoy the beautiful
6 hours
Full Day Fishing Charters

Full Day Fishing Charters

Full Day Fishing Charter (Miss Cheyenne) Full days typically run 8 hours and are by far on our most successful trips the cost is typically 50% more than a half day so it is very effective financially to book full days. One of the challenges when heading offshore fishing the reef is the changing Gulfstream current. I have seen many days where the conditions are phenomenal in the afternoon only to return to that area the next morning and the conditions have reversed from blue water and north current to green water and no current or south current.  Not to say that we never catch fish in those conditions, but they are generally not as productive. A full day gives us is the chance to move around and find the best conditions available and also to share with you several types of fishing in a day. On a typical day
8 hours
Tarpon fishing

Tarpon and Snook Fishing Charters

Tarpon Fishing Charter (Miss Cheyenne) Tarpon and snook fishing is typically a four hour trip usually accomplished in our open fisherman / Miss Cheyenne. We typically fish around Miami's Government Cut, the beaches north and south of that channel as well as several bridges. Tarpon fishing generally takes place in the late afternoon. You get to enjoy the beautiful sunset hopefully watching tarpon roll in the area and on the end of your line. They are beautiful acrobatic and extremely powerful fish. You will never forget the day you catch your first one. Of course we practice catch and release with these fish and can usually accomplish and nice picture with the fish alongside the boat. On occasion we catch other fish while we are tarpon fishing like snook, snappers, groupers, permit, ladyfish and Jack Crevalles. RATES ***PRICES ARE PER BOAT, NOT PER PERSON*** Deposit Required: $150 Boat Miss Cheyenne
4 hours
Swordfishing Charters

Swordfishing Charters

Swordfishing Charters (Miss Cheyenne) Swordfishing is usually an 8 or 12 hour trip. Swordfishing usually occurs about 20 miles offshore. We have the option of South Florida of either Fishing in the daytime or at night. When we fish in the daytime we are equipped with a combination hand crank OR electric reel in one. The beauty of this tackle is that we can remove the motor and give you the experience of a true hand cranked swordfish in the daytime. If we want to wind the weight to the surface we simply attach the motor with two push pins and we are in business - easy living! We have caught fish other than swordfish while doing this the most common is mahi followed by an occasional sailfish or wahoo and even a 400 pound blue marlin. Nighttime swordfishing involves drifting with four or five lines generally on Penn 50
8-12 hours

Trips and Rates:


Miss Cheyenne

Miss Britt I

Miss Britt II

Half Day$650$750$850
3/4 Day (Reef)$800$900$1050
3/4 Day (Offshore)$900$1000$1150
Full Day (Reef)$950$1100$1300
Full Day (Offshore)$1050$1200$1400
Sailfish/Tarpon Combo$1200$1350$1550
Swordfish (8 hour)$1150$1300$1500
Swordfish (12 hour)$1500$1750$2050
12 Hour Extended (no swordfishing)$1300$1550$1850
12 Hour Extended (with swordfishing)$1500$1750$2050